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Deposits: Reservations: Payments:

A $200 deposit will hold a puppy of your choice. Deposits are a measure of good
faith, that you the Buyer intend to purchase, therefore are
 Non refundable. In
the event that the Buyer can not follow through with the purchase of the
puppy, the deposit is
Forfeited and NO refund will be given. If you see the
puppy you are interested in and I  feel she/he is a good match for your home,
deposits are recommended, as litters are generally small.

Deposits are honored on a first come basis & are applied toward the purchase
price. No puppy will be held without a deposit for longer than 72 hrs, allowing for
payment via snail mail. Until a Deposit is received, the puppy is deemed available.


I do take reservations on expected litters. Your money will be refunded if the litter
does not produce the color/sex requested, or may be left to reserve a puppy from
another future litter.


Prefer cash or postal money orders. If check is given or accepted , check must be
cleared from the bank
BEFORE puppy is turned over to new owner. All monies
/balance is due when puppy is picked up.

Puppy Pricing:

Purchase Prices; (Pet) $950 for bi's and tri's - $1200 for  Merle's -puppies with  blue
eyes  may be  slightly higher.

I have a
very strict criteria for any pup being sold to a breeder and I do not sell any
pup to a breeders unless I  have a co-own agreement arranged before the litter is
bred that will benefit the betterment of the breed and  both parties involved. I prefer
my pups go to Pet homes where they can have a life and enjoy being a dog.

Here at Angérs Ausome Aussies, all my puppies are bred from the finest lines and I
feel that they are all equal in value. I do not like to distinguish in cost between
variations, but because the demand for merles & puppies with blue eyes out
number the number of them in a litter, I ask slightly more for them.

All puppies deemed as "pet " will be sold on a "spay/neuter" contract that must be
signed at time of pick up. Registration papers are with held until proof of
spay/neuter from your vet is received.

Please note: I reserve the right to not sell any pup to anyone whom I feel would not
be a good match for a particular puppy or for any other reason not mentioned.+
 bm miniature australian shepherd puppy  herding sheep
Shipping is available via Delta Airlines (formally northwest), out of the
Mpls International Airport. Shipping rates vary depending on size of
kennel and the Air Line at the time of shipping- generally around $300  
plus tax.  Insurance is optional but highly recommended.

There is also a charge for the health certificate that is needed to ship the
puppy,(My Vet charges $28) & a small fee if you need me to purchase a
kennel; generally around $25 for a small kennel.

All shipping expenses are the soul responsibility of the buyer.

Full payment for any pup being shipped, must be received by the time
the pup is 7 weeks of age.

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