Litter # 2 DOB  Sept. 26th 2017-- Pictures taken @ 18 days old on Sept 13th 2017 .

RTM Skeeter
Red Merle Female--Meet

Sandy is a lighter Red Merle w/lots
of dark red patches all over, full
white collar , blaze , socks and
booties. She also has a dark red
patch on the rt side of her face;


wt @ 18  days old 1# 3 oz

Blue Merle Male--Meet  "Silver"

Silver is a dark blue Merle:

wt: 1# 7 oz
Blue Merle Male-- Meet

Snoopy is a lighter blue
merle w/lots of small black
patches all over.


wt:  1# 6 oz
Red Tri Male--Meet  

Skeeter is a light colored
red w/a full collar and thin


wt: 1# 2 oz
Red Tri Male-- Meet

Scooter is a dark red tri,
with a full white collar;


wt: 1# 3 oz
Red Tri Male-- Meet "Scuby"

Scuby is the larger of the
Red tri's right now. He is a
dark red like his brother
Scooter. He has a small
patch of white on the back of
his neck and a wider blaze
than Scooter.


wt: 1# 4 oz
If interested in any of these puppies, please call Diane- 651-793-6968.
Phone calls are preferred over email as I may take my PC into the shop.
Leave a msg and I will get back to you that day. If you do not hear from me,
please try again as sometimes phone calls accidentally get deleted and or
your phone number was muffled .