Litter # 2 DOB  Sept. 26th 2017-- Picture of Scooter taken on  11.24.2017
RTM Skeeter-SOLD
Red Merle Female--Meet
Sandy is a cute little gal. She
will be small but spunky. She
has  gone off to live w/Nancy in
Bloomington MN  We will see
her in the agility ring. Sandy's
name is now "Roxie"
Meet "Silver" a BMM

Silver has gone  off to live
w/Ernie in Cannon Falls MN.
Silver will learn how to ride a
horse and do lots of trial hikes.
happy trials to the both of U.
Silver's name is now
Blue Merle Male-- Meet

Snoopy went off to the
Windy City to live w/ his 1/2
sister "Beau" and his new
dad and mom Mike and
Haylee - His new name is
now "Finley".
Red Tri Male--Meet  
Skeeter  has gone off to
live w/Sam and Maddie in
Mpls where they will do
lots of hiking, running and
all kinds of fun stuff and
possibly agility too. :-)
Skeeter's name is now
Red Tri Male-- Meet "Scooter"

Scooter is a dark red tri, with a
full white collar and some light
copper markings. He is tiny but  
a mighty little guy and fast.
Scooter will most likely be
around 14" & 15 #.  He is  spunky
and a little stinker.  Scooter will
also make a nice agility partner.
Red Tri Male-- Meet "Scuby"

Scuby went off to live
w/his new mom "Abby"
Appleton WI. We look
forward to seeing Scuby
in the agility ring. :-)

Scuby's new name is now

If interested in any of these puppies and or meet my criteria  please call Diane-
. Phone calls are preferred over email as I may take my PC into the
shop. Leave a msg and I will get back to you that day. If you do not hear from me,
please try again , sometimes phone calls accidentally get deleted and or your phone
number was muffled .
All Pups are being placed as a "Pet". I would like  at least 1 of these males to
go to a performance home be it agility, disc dog, dock dog, fly ball dog, etc. So
I will give preference to a performance home over others.