Two pups born on Sunday February 19th 2017
1 Dark Blue Merle Male- Spoken For:
1 Red Tri Male-Spoken For
This was  Candy's final litter.
Fonzie and Freddie
The Mother Candy pictured below is Spoken For
This is Candy- Angérs Candy Kisses. Masca reg: She is being placed  
as a pet  only .
It is time for Candy to retire, enjoy being a dog and
getting the one on one attention. DOB: 10-26-10 . She is a real
sweet gal, lover and a real velcro gal. She loves chasing her balls.   
She gets along well with other dogs  and loves to get them to play.

Candy has gone off to live w/her new dad Lonnie and his family in
MN. Wee wish U the very best and a long happy life Candy. U
deserve it and wee will miss U.
Pictured Below: Spoken For:
This is Fonzie- The Fonze!  Blue Merle Male:
Fonzie is a  very unique looking Blue Merle w/a
personality to boot. He is a hoot!
Fonzie has gone off to live w/his new mom and
dad Dani and Jaymie in IA.
Fonzie's new name is now "Ozzie"
I am guessing Fonzie
will be a larger mini,
maybe around 17 1/2"
tall and at least 30 #  
This is just a guestimate
right now.
He is heavy boned and

For those of you looking
for a larger mini, Fonzie
and Freddie fit the bill.
Spoken For:
Meet Freddie- Red Tri Male: Spoken For
Freddie is a nice dark colored Red Tri w/a nice thick
fluffy coat w/a very sweet laid back personality.  
Freddie has gone off to live w/his new mom Patti and
her family which includes " LuLu"a standard Aussie to
play with. He will be a Therapy dog for Patti's students.
Freddie's new name is  now "Mickey"