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All Pups are named after the characters in our Theme "
"It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".

The Names Wee have chosen for this litter:

  1. Charlie Brown- RTM
  2. Snoopy-  BTM
  3. Linus--BMM
  4. Shermy--BMM
  5. Lucy--RTF
RTF- Lucy - our only
wt: on 10.17.20 14 oz

She is a pretty red, with a full blaze
,white socks and a splash of white
on the back of her shoulders.
copper coming in.
RTM- Charlie Brown

wt: on 10.17.20  14 oz

Charlie Brown is also a pretty red. He
has a full blaze, white collar and
white socks.
Lots of copper coming in.
BBM--Snoopy is a Bi.
wt: on 10.17.20 1#

Snoopy turned out to be a Bi, but is a very
pretty Bi. He has a nice raven shine to his
coat. Full blaze,  a bit of a collar, white
socks and booties.
BMM- Linus
wt: on 10.17.20 1#

Linus has a full blaze, white collar, white
socks and booties. He has small  splashes
of black all over.
Bit of copper coming in on
hind legs.
BMM- Shermy
wt: on 10.17.20  1# 3 oz

Shermy has ticking of small black
patches all over his body like his brother
Linus. He has a full blaze and a partial
collar, white socks and booties. He looks
like does have l
ots of  copper coming in
on his face
and legs.
DOB: 10.08.20 Thursday
Pic taken 10.17.20