If you are interested in anyone of our puppies,  or a future litter, please call Diane 651-793-6968 so
we can talk. Phone calls preferred over email. Please leave your name and phone number so I can
get back to you. I will get back to you the same day. If  I don't get back to you that day, your msg
was cut off . Please call back. If you are
calling long distance,  out of the 651, 763 ,
612 area codes you need to
 email me also to  insure I can get back to you.  
Then we can set up a time when you can reach me..I do not have long distance on my phone,   
email me.
Our Spring "Year of the Dog" 2018 Litter-
All Pups have been placed:

Our late Summer Year of the Dog 2018 litter is due around Sept 14th.
Check back or Call Diane for more info or to get on the wait list.
Meet China: BMF-SOLD

China  has left the nest  to live w/Mel
and her hubby Seth in MN. She will
also be joining her full brother "Pippin"
China's new name is now "Hildi"
Meet Shep--BMM-SOLD

Shep has left the nest to live w/Ken and his wife
Jill in Mpls. Shep's new name is now "Rocco"
Rocco doing a good job holding up his
announcement. I'm a big boy now
I like my new toy ;-)
Meet Griffin--Red Tri M-
Griffin left the nest  to live w/ Patti H and her
family in Mpls.  Griffin's new name is now

Little Griffin found an "arm rest" ;-) Yes, I'll sit
pretty for you --Hi Five!!
Meet Terry--Red Tri M-SOLD

Terry has left the nest to go off w/ Patti N
and her family in Mpls. He will also be
joining his 1/2 brother "Mickey" and their
standard Aussie "LuLu"

Terry's new name is now "Simba".