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Our late Summer  "Year of the Dog" 2018 Litter- for those of
you confused by our theme
- these pups R Mini Aussies not the breed stated ,
The Breeds stated represent R Theme:
The Breeds & Names of dogs that Wee have chosen are:

Mini Aussie- (we had to have this) BTF- Minnie-
Manchester Terrier-  BTM-Manny- AVAILABLE
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- BMM- Charlie-SOLD
American Hairless Terrier- BMM-Harry-SOLD
Schipperke-RMM-Skippy - AVAILABLE
Papillon-RMM- Pappi-SOLD

DOB 09.13.18
Mini Australian Shepherd-Black Tri F
This is Minnie
-now "Zoey"

Minnie has gone off to live w/her new family, Brandon
and Kristin in MN

Manchester Terrier- Black Tri Male
This is Manny-photo taken 11.03.18 7 wks old.
Manny has a sharp looking tuxedo coat  w/just splashes of tan coming in on his
hind & front legs. He is a real sweetie Pie, spunky and sassy w/ the right amount
of energy for anything U want to do. Should mature 15 or 16" at most.
American Hairless Terrier- Blue Merle
This is Harry
-now "Tucker"

Harry has gone off to live w/his new
family in MN w/ Kyle ,Julie and his new
buddy ,their Lab.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- Blue Merle Male
This is  Charlie
-now "Blu"
Charlie has gone off to live w/his new family in
MN w/Kevin, Kathy ,their 2 teenage kids and
his new buddy, their Lab.
Papillon-Red Merle Male
This is Pappi

Pappi has gone off to live w/his new family, Jon and his daughter Bella in MN. U
may see him in the agility ring some day.
Schipperke- Red Merle Male-AVAILABLE
This is Skippy - photo taken 11.03.18-7 wks old

Skippy is small and will mature maybe 15" 20 at most. He is very comical, entertaining ,full of
energy and cute as a button.  A light red w/lots of dark patches and full white collar. He is a
spunky little peanut that would do well in agility or nice hiking buddy.