If you are interested in anyone of our puppies,  or a future litter, please call Diane 651-793-6968 so
we can talk. Phone calls preferred over email. Please leave your name and phone number so I can
get back to you. I will get back to you the same day. If  I don't get back to you that day, your msg
was cut off . Please call back. If you are
calling long distance,  out of the 651, 763 ,
612 area codes you need to
 email me also to  insure I can get back to you.  
Then we can set up a time when you can reach me..I do not have long distance on my phone,   
email me.
Our "Year of the Dog" 2018 Litter-

The breeds and names of dogs Wee have chosen:

  1. Chinese Crested-  BMF--China
  2. Australian Shepherd (Wee had to have this breed)  BMM--Shep
  3. Brussels Griffon-  Red Tri M--Griffin
  4. Rat Terrier--Red Tri M---Terry