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All Pups are named after the characters in our Theme "
"It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".

The Names Wee have chosen for this litter:

  1. Charlie Brown- RTM-
  2. Snoopy-  BTM-
  3. Linus--BMM
  4. Shermy--BMM
  5. Lucy--RTF
RTF- Lucy - our only Female- SOLD
wt: on 11.07.20 2# 6 oz

now "Scout" has gone off to be with her new family and be with
her mom "April"
She will be joining Tim and his family in Lakeville . Lucy
will have 4 teenage girls to give lots of kisses too.
RTM- Charlie Brown - SOLD
wt: on 11.07.20  2# 8 oz
Charlie Brown now "Achilles"  has gone off to be with his new family. He
has gone off  to join Sheri and her family in Eden Prairie. He will have
lots of relatives to keep him busy plus he will be meeting his brothers.
BBM--Snoopy is a Tri--SOLD
wt: on 11.07.20  2# 8 oz
Snoopy  now "Cooper " has gone off to be with his new family.. He will
be joining Deb and Steve up in Ely MN. He will be busy doing lots of
, camping and canoeing.
BMM- Linus--SOLD
wt: on 11.0720 2# 11 oz
Linus has gone off to be  with Christy and her family.  He has 4 human
kids to entertain him, keep him busy doing all kinds of fun activities.
BMM- Shermy--SOLD
wt: on 110720  3# 2 oz oz
 now "Ollie" has gone off to be with his new family  David and his family
in Columbia Hts. He will have a border collie for a sister to play with, plus he will
be doing lots of kayaking. Will see you on the Snake River Shermy.
DOB: 10.08.20 Thursday
Pic taken 11.18.20