If you are interested in anyone of our puppies, or a future litter, please call Diane 651-793-6968  
Some times I am not able to get back to you right away, so be patient. I will get back to you the
same day. Sometimes msg get cut off. If  I don't get back to you that day,
your msg was cut off .
Please call back , try again & LEAVE your contact number.
Thank you ;-)
The flowers we have choosen to represent our "May Flowers" Theme are:
1.Chrysanthemum-  BMM-"Chris" AVAIL
2 Calendula   Black tri M-"Cal
3.Tulip- RMF "Tulip"
4. Violet- BMF- "Violet"
Spoken For
5.Sweet Pea- BTF-"Sweet Pea"
6.Daisy- BTF "Daisy"
7.Petunia- BTF "Petunia"
Chris is the largest pup for now.
wt is 1
# 8 oz, he may be on the
larger size at maturity. Nice full
blaze and collar, and lots of black
. Lots of merling on his
face. Colors coming in nicely.
Cal is a handsome boy.
wt is 1
# 8 oz  he will be on the
larger side like Chris. This pix is
a tad blurry. His colors are
coming in nicely. He is a pretty
Full white collar, blaze and
Tulip is a pretty red w/lots of dark
brown splashes all over, thin white
blaze and white stockings.
wt is 1
# 6 oz . She is a pretty Red. Lots
of merling on her face.
Violet  is a very pretty blue merle
w/lots of black patches all over, white
blaze and stockings. Wt 1
# 2 oz.
Sweet Pea is a very unique nice looking gal. She has
an all black face, white socks and it appears that H
shepherd spot are coming in nicely along w/lighter
copper on her legs and face.
Wt @ 18days old 1# 4 oz
Daisy is another pretty black tri
with a thin full white collar, white
socks and blaze,N
ice copper
coming in.
 Wt. is 1# 5 oz @ 1 wk
Little Petunia is the smallest pup
right now. She has a full white
collar, white socks and blaze.
Cooper points will be coming in.

She is a pretty little gal.
Wt 1# 2 oz
Pix is a tad blurry .
Check back weekly to see how are little flower buds are
Blossoming into beautiful May Flowers. ;-)
Pix taken @ 18 days old on Sat.
05.18.19 Some pix may appear blurry
due to smart phone camera shake.
Will use my reg camera for next pix.
Pups growing like weeds and
walking, talking and exploring
everything. ENJOY!