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same day. Sometimes msg get cut off. If  I don't get back to you that day,
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The flowers we have choosen to represent our "May Flowers" Theme are:
1.Chrysanthemum-  BMM-"Chris" Spoken For
2 Calendula   Black tri M-"Cal " Spoken For"
3.Tulip- RMF "Tulip"  Spoken For
4. Violet- BMF- "Violet" Spoken For
5.Sweet Pea- BTF-"Sweet Pea" "Spoken For"
6.Daisy- BTF "Daisy"  spoken for"
7.Petunia- BTF "Petunia"  Spoken For"
Chris  has gone on to join his full
brother "Blue" and his new
parents Kevin , Kathy and their 2
teenage kids.

Chris' new name is now "Gus" the
Spoken For
Cal's new name is now O
He has gone off to join his new family Kim ,Tony and
their teenage daughter and may be going on a road trip
soon. How fun ;-)
Spoken For
Tulip-  (below)has gone  off to join her new
family Hollie , George and their 4 teenage boys.
Tulip's new name is Zowie for now
Spoken For
Her son Dominick holding Tulip
Violet  has gone off off to join her full sister "Maple"
and her new parents and Family Aaron and Kerry.
Violet's name is now "Stormy"
Spoken For
Sweet Pea(left) and Petunia (rt) went off to
her new family, Tom, Jeremi and their 2 daughters
Zoe and Ella.  Sweet Pea's new name is now "LuLu
SweetPea" I love it.. Petunia's name is now "Poppy
Petunia" How cute is that!

Spoken For
Daisy has gone off to join her new mom and dad Tina and David. Daisy will also be joining
her sister "Brizzie", those 2 will hopefully keep each other out of mischief!  oh boy, what fun. :-)