Miniature Australian Shepherds by Angers

Angers Ausome Mini Aussies
aka Wee5 Minis

Here at Angérs Ausome Mini Aussies~Home to the Wee 5; I
am a small hobby breeder of the
Miniature Australian
, breeding to improve the Mini Australian Shepherd
breed by out crossing with ASCA standard Australian
Shepherds, to improve & increase the gene pool of the
My breed dogs are selectively chosen from professional
breeders who continually strive to improve the
Australian Shepherd
breed. My chosen breed dogs come from
champion working line sires & dams with sound pedigrees. They
are selected with the utmost care to find breeding lines that
compliment each other. All my Aussies are
Cerf clear, UTD on
Vacs , free from genetic disorders . They have excellent
pedigrees that posses great depth of health clearances on each
parent, grandparent and their litter mates, which insures even
stronger health and temperament outcome for a puppy. I do not
breed any of my Aussies to any male with less than a "GOOD"
OFA rating, nor do I breed any female of mine that has less than
a "GOOD" OFA rating! I strive to produce pups that adhere to the
Mini Australian Shepherd standard(
set by our parent
) with temperament being the utmost importance to
me with structure, soundness & do-ability in the pups, which
Aussies were originally  bred to do.

I have trained, competed,trialed & titled my Mini Aussies in
NADAC, CPE,USDAA, ASCA & AHBA trials in agility & herding
WCRL Rally Obedience. I have also run my Miniature
Australian Shepherds in  
FlyBall   and Barn Hunt  events . I
breed for
performance in my Aussies while maintaining a good
quality companion with great temperaments which is my first
priority. My dogs are from working lines, so they are best suited
for performance homes or active lifestyle homes, as in physical
activity. They do have an "off" switch, yet ready to go when you
are. If you are more of a "couch" potatoe person, my Aussies are
not for you.

When you purchase a mini Aussie puppy or adult from Angérs,
you are joining a family. I am always here to answer any
questions &/or concerns you may have on your new add
ition to
your family. Your new member to your family is
raised & cared
for in my home,
not a 'barn".

My Minis are registered with
MASCA the official registry and
Parent Club for the mini Aussie
--. Please be aware of other
registries such as APRI. This is not an acceptable registry
w/MASCA. Also, please be aware of breeders who's pedigree's
have missing sire's or dams or both in the pedigree. If the sire &
dams are not listed-you may not know what breed of dog was
used. Could have been a sheltie or a mix for all you know. Ask
OFA & Cerf. If your breeder says the parents have been
OFA/Cerf-make sure you get a hard copy of that when you
purchase your puppy. There are too many backyard breeders of
Miniature Australian Shepherd out there now. Choose your
breeder wisely.

I offer a
2 yr. Health guarantee against hip & eye disorders,
and a trial period on all my puppies to make sure he/she is a
good fit for you &/or the family & you are happy with him/her. I
spend many, many hours assessing the pups temperament &
personalities every day. I am always happy to help you choose
the perfect puppy to fit into your home and life style. Every puppy
will leave my house healthy, wormed , appropriate vacs for the
age of the puppy, temperament tested, very spoiled &

Reasonably Priced!
Mini Australian Shepherd puppies.

Centrally located  in Saint Paul MN, just 9 miles West of
Hudson WI.

Please contact
Diane for more info;
Phone: 651-793-6968 phone calls preferred

Heatherlyz Lucky Charm
aka Ammie
Owned & Loved by
Diane Anger & family
NADAC Agility Trial
Saint Cloud MN 2000
Ammie flying high over the
jump 16"
miniature australian shepherd dog blktrif with rose
mini aussie agility dog
Agility Trial Champion  NADAC
Ammie & I have trained &
competed in agility for 11 yrs.
We made a great team
together in our agility career.
NADAC agility trial Ames IA
June 2003.
australian shepherd in minature going over agility jump
mini aussie going through weave poles
USDAA Agility Trial
MapleWood, MN  2001
In Loving Memory of my
Beloved Ammie  Heatherlyz
Lucky Charm who was my
little Lucky Charm,
protector,faithful , loyal
and loving  companion who
gave me her all.  There is a
huge hole in my heart now
and an emptiness in the
Wee 5 household.Wee
miss you so much Ammie.
You R Always on my mind &
forever in our hearts.  In
my darkest hour, you were
my light. Come back, won't
you come back to me.

March 18, 1998 to July 28,
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