Angers Ausome Mini Aussies

Breeder of Quality bred Performance Miniature Australian
Shepherds. aka Mini Aussie) Mini Australian Shepherds
have all the attributes of the largerAustralian Shepherd
and the advantages of small breed dogs. Mini Australian
Shepherds  weigh  between 15 to 35 lbs at maturity and  
they range from 13'' to 18''.

Mini Australian Shepherds are entirely devoted to their
owner(s),easy to train & normally very eager to please;
though, some can be strong-willed.The Miniature
Australian Shepherd is also a very intelligent breed & the  
mini aussie is  known to outsmart their owner & handlers.
Because of the high intelligence & herding heritage in the
Mini Australian Shepherd, this makes it a challenge to the
novice pet owner. Basic obedience training is highly
recommended as with any dog, to keep your Mini Aussie
happy. Aussies also love to be near their owners and do
best being a part of the family. The
mini Aussie is a loyal &
loving companion that can live up to 15 or 17 years. Be
sure you are committed before bringing  a Miniature
Australian Shepherd into your home.

Here at Angérs Ausome Aussies- home to the Wee5 Minis,I
am a hobby breeder  of the Miniature Australian shepherd,
breeding to increase the mini Aussie gene pool by out
crossing to excellent standard Australian Shepherd lines
from HOF WTCH lines with impeccable pedigrees. My mini
Aussies are all within  the standard set  by MASCA.

My dogs and mini Aussie
puppies are raised in my home
and are a part of my family. Parent's are
OFA for hip
dysplasia with a rating of Excellent or Good. Eyes are
by an Ophthalmologist for any eye anomalies, as a
screening measure to insure quality offspring's. The Mini
Aussie  is my only breed.

I give a 2 yr. Guarantee on hip and eyes on all my puppies.
Pups are
MASCA registered(the Official Registry for the
Miniature Australian Shepherd. Puppies  will have their
first set of shots, wormed 4 times,temperament tested & I
start house training them at 5 wks of age before they leave
to their new homes.

I do my best to fit each individual puppy with the right

Conveniently located in Saint Paul MN just 8 miles W of
Hudson WI.

Reasonably Priced quality performance  mini Australian
shepherds, promoting correct type, temperament, health &
instinct in the Miniature Australian Shepherd for
,herding, fly ball or just as a great family  companion.

Raised in my home, Not a barn.

Call or email me for more information:

Phone: Diane @ 651-793-6968-Please call again if I do not
return your phone call that day. Sometimes messages get
deleted or cut off.

Email Us @
Black Tri
Mini Aussies
Agility, Herding & Flyball  
mini aussie puppies
Heatherlys Lucky Charm aka Ammie,Ashley and Megan
My mini Aussie pups fly in agility!
little mini aussie running and wagging tail
Ammie taking her flying leap off the dog walk, boy, this is fun!
mini aussie puppies blue merle blue eyes past pups of TommieGirl
mini aussie puppy bm 2 blue eyes,past pup of Tommie Girl. Living in Shoreview MN
Previous Puppies  of
Tommie Girl

Angers Mini Australian Shepherds

Home to
Angers Ausome Aussies
previous bm male blue eyes, mini aussie puppy from Tommie Girl. Living in Prior Lake MN
btm mini australian shepherd puppy- living in Duluth MN
Some Previous Pups of Tommie Girl
A Word and some Advice About the Mini American Shepherd

Please take caution when you look for your new mini australian shepherd pup. If you want a mini aussie,
make sure that the breeder you buy your pup from registers the parents w/MASCA.

The mini amerri is
NOT an Aussie. A lot of the breeders who went mini amerri are still riding on the backs
(and lying to you) of the mini aussie breeders & will tell you it is JUST a name change! It is
NOT just a name
change. The mini amerri by AKC standards is now a totally new &
different breed from the mini aussie. They
look the same now but in a couple of years they will not be the same in temperament, working ability & looks
because they can NOT outcross to the Australian Shepherd any longer!

Please, if you want a mini aussie, buy from a breeder who stands behind the MASCA mission for our beloved
breed, the
MIniature Australian Shepherd.

Visit MASCA's website for more infor about this new breed the mini amerri that so many breeders are trying
to pass off as an Aussie, and take a moment to read-
Will the Real Mini Aussie please stand up!
A BIg THANK YOU to all our new puppy Parents ;-).
Through MASCA, the parent club and registry for the Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety,
the mini Aussie remains a size variety of the Australian Shepherd, with a continuous gene pool. The
dogs will NOT become a separate breed, UNLIKE the AKC Miniature American Shepherd. Dog owners
and future owners concerned with maintaining Australian Shepherd heritage, instinct, temperament
and type in a mini Aussie, are invited to contact
MASCA for additional information about the club
and its goals.

A MASCA mini Aussie:

Is not registered with the AKC as a breed other than an Australian Shepherd
Is not the same as the AKC/FSS Miniature American Shepherd
Is the true Aussie of the miniature variety
Will always be an Aussie
MASCA is NOT seeking recognition as a Miniature American Shepherd with AKC/FSS.

MASCA will protect the integrity of the MASCA registry and continue to register Australian Shepherds
of the miniature variety. We are true to the heritage of our dogs.
One of Tommie Girl X Rusty's pups  
Bullet competed in the USDAA Central
Regional Steeplechase in Aug 2015
and took 1st place in the 18" division.
He is now a USDAA  Steeplchase CH.
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All puppies have found new homes.
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