Angers Ausome Mini Aussies

Anger's Mini Aussies
Mini Australian Shepherd
Is the Aussie Right For You?
Mini Aussie Ashley
true grit all the way
Mini Aussie Ashley,
nipping at heels to
get the sheep
Most Aussies need a job to do (although,
there is always an exception to the rule)
and a family to love. Mini Australian
Shepherds are "
herding" dogs and will
likely try to "herd" anything that moves,
including you, the cat, the kids, the
vacuum etc. Nipping at heels & a strong
desire to stop motion are herding traits
in the mini Aussie &  not to be confused
as "aggression". Some people find these
herding traits objectionable. Please do
your home work
about the Mini Aussie,  
so you will have a better understanding
about the breed and the "herding"
instinct. Remember, they are Australian
Shepherds in Miniature. I am always
happy to answer any questions you may
have about the mini Aussie breed.. A
fenced yard is also ideal & highly
recommended to keep your Mini  Aussie

Current member of MASCA (Miniature
Australian Shepherd Club) & ASCA
(Australian Shepherd Club) in good

Angérs Ausome Aussies is a registered
Kennel name with MASCA.
Ashley taking charge
Ashley keepin them moving
My little herding dog Ashley
BlueOkieAngérs Evening Star


Owned & Loved By: Diane Anger &
Mini Aussie Ashley, doing what she was
bred to do; & that is to HERD !!
Diane Anger
All for the love of my dogs smile(s).
"Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But Performance indicates what the animal actually is".

-----------author unknown------------

Ever consider what our dogs must think of us? I mean, here we come
back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul------chicken, pork,
1/2 a cow; they must think we're the greatest hunters on earth!!

-----------Ann Tyler----------

Until Death Do We Part--seems only true with a dog---Love Me--Love My

----------Diane M Anger------------
Thought for the day----;-)

When I got Ashley I wanted a little herding dog to do dog herding trials and by golly I sure got
one spit fire w/her. She had a lot of instinct in her and sparkled the eyes of all that watched
her at the trials. Ashley was also my little smiley girl. Always smiling. She did many funny little
antics all the time and always gave me lots of kisses. She was my Sunshine. She made me
happy when skies where gray.   RIP Ashley No more pain from the tumor , You will have that
spunk back to herd all the sheep there., Ammie and Jodie will be there to greet you at the
bridge so you won't be alone .  When the rays of the  Sun Shine through the clouds , I will
know you are smiling down on the Wee 5 house hold. Smile Awhile for Me Ashley. Every
evening, when I look up into the sky and see the biggest brightest star, I  know it is you
Ashley, shinning your light down on us letting me know that you, Jodie, Ammie and Molley are
watching over us. You ARE my Evening Star Ashley.

Blue Okie's Anger's Evening Star Ashley
Ashley Brooke Anger
06.25.01 to 11.05.18

You gave me 17 yrs. 4 months and 11 1/2 days Ashley--thank you for all your devotion, love,
smiles, kisses and for being there for me on all our adventures together. It was quite the ride.
RIP: My Smiley Girl-Love Mom and the girls.
In Loving Memory of My Ashley-My
little herding dog and Smiley Girl:

June 25th 2001 to Nov 5th 2018
You Are My Sunshine: