About the Mini Aussie

The Australian Shepherd originated on western America's ranches as stockdog and guard, moving stock
long distances and keeping a watchful eye over his charges. Some Aussies retain a strong herding
instinct, and are noted for intelligence, energetic temperament and trainability. The mini Aussie should
not be regarded as an easy substitute for the Australian Shepherd, nor should prospective owners
expect "miniature" to imply a very small dog or one of diminished drive.

History of the Miniature Australian Shepherd:

A Small Australian Shepherd:

During the 1960’s, a Californian Australian Shepherd enthusiast acquired several small working Aussies
from the rodeo circuit. Intrigued by their compact size, she worked with a veterinarian to develop a
breeding program in order to preserve the trait, which quickly resulted in litters producing both dogs
only 13 to 14 inches tall as well as larger Australian Shepherds. The smaller dogs eventually became
known as "miniature" Australian Shepherds.

The mini Aussie soon attracted the attention of experienced Australian Shepherd breeders and eager
newcomers. Lines were researched and educated breeding to full-size Aussies was and is strongly
encouraged to diversify the gene pool and improve conformation and type of the mini Aussies. Herding
instinct, intelligence and drive were preserved and many mini Aussies continue to work a variety of
livestock today.


The mini Aussie is exactly as its name implies: a small Australian Shepherd with the Aussie’s attentive,
energetic temperament, high intelligence and reserved, towards strangers. But while the height of the
Aussie varies from 18 to 23 inches, the height of the mini Aussie ranges from 14 to 18 inches with a
corresponding weight of approximately 15 to 35 pounds.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd’s eager attitude means that working with the mini Aussie is a joy, but
their intelligence means that obedience training is highly recommended. The ownership of any dog,
especially one of an intelligent breed, should not be taken lightly. Because the Aussie was developed
both to herd and guard the flock, the mini Aussies are entirely devoted to their family and make excellent
watch dogs and companions. As with all breeds, early socialization is of the utmost importance.

Size consideration should never outweigh that of type, proportion, movement and temperament.  Meaning -
the QUALITY of the dog is the most important factor not size.

Performance in Miniature:

Miniature Aussies have been around for quite some time.   They are and should be an exact replica of the
standard Australian Shepherd.  

Miniatures have become very competitive in the show ring as well - competing in all venues, such as
conformation, obedience, fly ball and agility.  Mini Aussies still possess the strong working instincts that
this breed is known for, and have the temperament, type and beauty that make them a very popular
breed.  They are not for everyone - you need to really research this breed and make sure you learn as
much as you possibly can so as to educate yourself about the breed.  They can be very intense,
destructive if bored or ignored and very protective of their family or "flock" (as they see it).  Make sure
you ask all kinds of questions about them so you are prepared.  They can adjust to about any situation or
environment and make wonderful family pets/companions.Education about the breed is the key to a
successful relationship.
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