Angers Ausome Mini Aussies

Wee5 Mini Aussies
Miniature Australian Shepherds
Puppies Born on Sept 13th 2018-
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1 RM (Skippy) & 1 BT (Manny)Available-scroll below
Mother to Candy
Our Foundation Gal
mini aussie puppies running with balloons
Australian Shepherd Blktri Female
Tommie is an 18" 30# registered
ASCA standard Australian
Shepherd from  strictly old time
working lines ~From one of
the nation's finest HOF Kennels-
All twin oaks. She has a wonderful
temperament,  eager to please,
very biddable, quick to
settle,always on the alert & very
easy to live  with. Her exceptional
pedigree- WTCH  with excellent
health clearances) is a great asset
to the mini Aussie lines & will
contribute many great attributes to
the mini gene pool, not to mention,
her beauty :-D

Tommie produced pups that were
very easily trained, very biddable,
wonderful temperaments, friendly,
outgoing & made good
performance dogs. Look for them
in the agility ring, herding & rally
rings! :-)

Tommie Girl is retired. She lives on
a farm and loves  her new family.
Click here to see pix of some
of her pups from a previous
Angérs Ausome Aussies  

With all my litters I have a Theme. 2018 is the Year
of the Dog according to Chinese zodiac. So our
Theme is
 "Year of the Dog"2018 Late
Summer Litter.

MASCA  reg:
OFA Good
Cerf  clear-normal-

Brie is the splitten image of her mother in every
way except a tad smaller. She is about 16" tall and
24#. She is a high energy and happy gal

As with all of Concho's pups they have   wonderful
temperaments, playful, friendly and outgoing just
like the parents. Concho and Lily's pups make
excellent agility and performance prospect pups.
They are Excellent representations of the Miniature
Australian Shepherd. With nice temperaments and
lots of personality.

My pups range in size anywhere from 14" to 17.5 "
tall and 18 to 30#. I generally get a mixture of small
and larger pups. I  cannot guarantee size. I will do
my best to estimate maturity size from previous
litters and the size of parents.

Pups are MASCA registerable. --The official
Registry & Parent Club for the Miniature Australian

Pups will have
 tails docked, dews,wormed,
first set of shots & temperament tested before
going to their new homes.

My  pups are high energy,rambunctious & full of
energy. I am looking for physically active lifestyle,
agility, performance homes for these pups or ppl
who jog, hike or ski, as I think this is where they
will be the happiest. They will need a job to do &
will not be happy w/just a walk around the block.

Please Note:  Preference will go first  to
performance and or active lifestyle homes, and
previous Aussie owners, as I feel this would be the
best match for these puppies.

2 yr. Guarantee on hip & eyes.

I offer a 7 day  trail period to make sure you are a
good fit for your mini Aussie. Make sure you are
ted to bringing a puppy into your life.

References available from past puppy buyers.

As always
Reasonably Priced:

Please call or email Diane Angér for more info
about our next planned litter.

: 651-793-6968-phone calls preferred. Since
Microsoft discontinued Webtv, I do not check my
email that often. It is best to call. If you do not hear
from me  via  email, please call .  I will return your
call that same day or evening. Please call AGAIN if I
do not return your call that day. Sometimes
messages accidentally get cut off of deleted .  

Australian Shepherds in Miniature:
To see pix of Manny and Skippy  " Go To
If you are interested in one of our puppies, call Diane @ 651-793-6968. l return calls the
same day or evening. I can NOT call back if you do not leave a phone # to call Please
call again if I do not return your call that day, your msg most likely was cut off
or your
phone # was muffled.
CH; Anger's Sunflower Sun of Chief
Masca and ASDR reg.

Clear per parentage:
Cerf- Clear

Concho is a high energy guy that is
great w/ppl and all dogs. Very nice
disposition and temperament. He passes
this on to all his pups. 16 1/4" tall and 26#

He has a beautiful thick plush coat and 2
gorgeous blue eyes.
Lily is Available to the right home

call Diane for more info on her if
Everything for performance dogs &
their people